Forestalia ensures that the success of the auction of renewable energies will result in a lower price of electricity for the consumer

The greater generation through wind power will mean the entry into the market of an important injection of megawatts at zero cost.

Forestalia assures that the success of the last auction of renewable energies will result in a lower price of electricity for the consumer. The greater generation through wind power will mean the entry into the electricity market of a significant injection of megawatts at zero cost, so that the final price in the wholesale market will also tend to fall.

This is due to the marginal system used, whereby the price is set according to the most expensive technologies that enter the daily electricity market: therefore, the less need there is for expensive technologies (such as coal or gas). cogeneration), thanks to a greater production of renewables, the price of the daily electricity market will be cheaper. We must remember that 35 percent of the cost of the electricity bill is fixed by this wholesale market. The rest of the receipt is taxes and the payment of premiums.

Forestalia was the largest bidder for the renewable energy auction decided by the Ministry of Industry in January last year, both in wind and in the generation of clean electricity through biomass. Forestalia has announced that it will fully build the 300 megawatts (MW) of wind power in Aragon, a territory rich in wind availability, where the company has been carrying out very precise studies on the resource for years. In addition, Forestalia bid in the auction waiving the premiums, which will also result in a reduction in the cost of electricity for the State and, therefore, for the consumer.

The ability to anticipate has allowed the company to have all the projects, with their corresponding environmental impact studies, to be able to advance the execution of the wind installations as much as possible, only at the expense of the agility of the administrations’ procedures. At the same time, progress has been made in the selection of equipment, contractors, agreements with the territory and financing. The forecast is that the first wind farms, derived from the ministerial auction, may begin construction this year.

Biomass: guarantees of continuous production

Regarding biomass power generation, Forestalia remembers the competitive advantage of technology to be able to program its production without being at the expense of the availability of natural resources, such as wind or hydro, which only generate when there is wind or water enough. Therefore, the technology is based on the guarantee of supply of agroforestry biomass, natural products that allow a neutral CO2 balance.

Monzón (Huesca) and Cubillos del Sil (León) are the locations with the most advanced procedures to implement the MW awarded in the auction. Forestalia reached an agreement with the Junta de Castilla-León to promote a plant in El Bierzo. For this, Forestalia, the Public Infrastructure and Environment Society of Castilla y León (Somacyl) and the Regional Energy Entity (EREN) are collaborating intensively in recent months, in order to accelerate all the technical and administrative documents required to the plant project.