Circe and Forestalia collaborate to promote R + D + i in renewable energies in Aragon

El centro de investigación y la empresa aragonesa analizarán la disponibilidad de biomasa agrícola, así como las mejores mezclas para producir pellets

The Research Center for Resources and Energy Consumption (CIRCE) and the Forestalia Group will carry out various research studies on biomass in Aragon. On the one hand, they will analyze the availability of biomass derived from herbaceous and fruit trees, as well as the logistic needs for their proper management. The analysis will focus on the environment of the three biomass power generation plant projects that the Forestalia Group promotes in the Autonomous Community of Aragon, in the municipalities of Monzón (Huesca), Erla and Zuera (Zaragoza).

This collaboration is addressed within a European project of the 7th Framework Program (European R & D program) called S2BIOM – Delivery of sustainable supply of non-food biomass to support a “resource-efficient” Bioeconomy in Europe. The project, in which CIRCE participates, began in September 2013 and its purpose is to put in the hands of the Commission, as well as public entities, tools that help them to make decisions in their territorial strategies and logistics in related projects with biomass.

Mixtures for pellets

On the other hand, Forestalia and CIRCE will analyze the best mixtures of agroindustrial waste and energy crops to generate pellets, in the framework of the Innovaragón aid, granted by the Department of Economy, Industry and Employment for the development of research projects, development and innovation between companies or production centers of Aragon and research groups.

The objective of the project is the study of the production of mixed pellets that incorporate in their composition both different agro-industrial byproducts generated in Aragón (corn kernel, sunflower seed husk, olive bone, barley straw, etc.) and energy crops , eucalyptus and poplar, so that the physical and chemical quality standards are met.

In this framework, activities are being carried out to optimize storage, characterize raw materials and define mixtures, pellet tests of the mixtures of materials, combustion tests and evaluation of the pelleted mixtures, and integration of results, final products and dissemination .

It is expected in this way to achieve results that are applicable in the new projects and investments of biomass as an energy resource in the area, as well as favoring the sustainability in the use of resources.

CIRCE and Forestalia

CIRCE and Forestalia are entities with Aragonese roots and that base their activity in the field of renewable energies and sustainability. That is why CIRCE and Forestalia are collaborating to promote R & D in renewable energies, aimed at strengthening the development of the region as well as implementing sustainable energy projects in the future.

Forestalia was the main winner of the auction of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for new wind energy and biomass energy production facilities, which is an opportunity for Aragón to advance in the clean energy line.